Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm lagging

Phew, I have a lot to talk about tonight.

>>> 1 <<<
I went and saw a pyschologic counselor on Tuesday hoping that they could help me find a way out of this mess I've seemingly gotten myself into. It was good, and it helped a little to just talk things out. I'm going to go to another session next week. The counselor seemed primarily concerned with my lack of ability in expressing my anger towards people, and for next week I have to write a letter to a certain someone in my life that I have a lot of bottled up anger to. I'm looking really forward to writing that. :)

>>> 2 <<<
Another guy and I got lost on the run this morning and ended up overshooting a turn by like three quarters of a mile. It sucked, because I had run the night before too and so I was totally exhausted. I realized later this morning that I had run about 12 miles in the last 12 hours. No wonder I was so damn exhausted. It was really hard for me to move my body today. @_@

>>> 3 <<<
Okay, I have two unexplained phenomenon with my (failed) attempts to find a roommate (I've had something like 15-20 interested girls now). The first is that none of these girls have come to actually see the place. We setup a date, I make myself available, and then I either get an "oh sorry I just found a place", or they just disappear off the face of the Earth. :( The second is that 5 of those girls now, after saying they can't live with me, said that they wanted to meet me anyway. And most of them said that they wanted me to "show them around Austin". O_o What the hell am I, an escort service? Jeez! I don't get it. (But the most recent girl who told me that is cute, so maybe I will this time ;)

>>> 4 <<<
I'm starting to seriously consider changing my major to biomedical engineering. Its just so damn cool learning all these things about how the body works in my neurophysiology class, and it just "feels" better than ECE. I can't explain it. Its like I've fallen in love with it or something. I'll probably get my masters degree in computer engineering anyway (since I'm about half way there, I might as well). But I'm really starting to wonder if I can somehow afford to stay in school and study bio-med a little more...

>>> 5 <<<
Hurricane Rita is coming to visit this weekend! I just got an e-mail that campus is closed for Saturday, and we're expecting 75MPH winds and heavy rain (4-6 inches I think it said). Should be fun! They said be prepared for power outages, but I hope it doesn't come to that (cause I usually work on Allacrost on the weekends!). Well, if I lose power then I guess I can always do homework or something. Heck, this might be the most productive weekend in my life! ;)

I'll post about how that hurricane thing goes once it passes. Oh, and I should have some really wicked awesome pictures to post next time, so stay tuned. :)


Anonymous fairy said...

hey tyler,

hope you're ok after hurricane rita.

so the counselor was more concerned with you not being able to express your anger? that's interesting. i'm glad it's helping & keep us updated ^_^

& tyler, if i were one of those girls coming to texas for the first time, i'd ask you to show me around too -_^

12:04 AM  

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