Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And so it begins...

Tomorrow is the day that I have been living in fear of for the past three months. The end of summer, and the first day of classes. Honestly, if I can make it through to December without a severe loss in GPA, sanity, and sleep, I will be amazed with myself. I couldn't sleep last night because I have a million things to get done by the end of this week, and they just kept running through my head constantly. So after an hour of that I gave up, and got out of bed and actually started doing those things so I wouldn't think about them anymore. After working on the course webpage for the class I'm TA'ing, I went for a 42 minute run at 5:30AM. I've been skimping out on running/exercising lately because I've been caught up in other stuff, so it felt really good to expend some energy like that (even though I was dead tired from not sleeping). On another note, why the hell does the sun rise so late in Austin? Back in Phoenix sunrise usually happened around 5:25AM or so, and thus I'm used to going for a run around that time. But here the sun doesn't rise till like 6:45AM, and it was pitch black out during my entire run this morning.

Anyway, I got my advising professor to sign the form needed so I could register for the thesis class this afternoon. She wanted me to drop one of my classes (I'm taking 3) because she thought it was too much, especially with my TA job. Now hearing that made me sort of pissed, because I absolutely hate being told I can't do something. So unknowingly, she helped give me a little "oomph" for this semester, because when I'm told something like that I like to work my ass off and prove them wrong. To prove that I can do anything that I want to. That's what I've believed in ever since I was 17 and if I lose that belief......well its really important to me, so let's not imagine what would happen if I lose that. Well since I'm low on sleep and classes are tomorrow I should get some rest now. Peace out.


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