Sunday, July 24, 2005

I like mine well-done

I've been getting pretty tanned lately, and I've been pumped about it. After all, how often do you see a caucasian engineer with a nice tan? :) Today I got a little burnt though. I played volleball from 10:00 to about 1:30, then went to the pool from about 3:30-5:30 to swim laps. I guess I should have used something stronger than SPF15 if I knew I was going to be in the sun for 5~6 hours today. :P Anyway, there was this girl at the pool who was......simply captivating. I spent about half an hour watching her sunbathe and trying to get up the guts to walk up and say something, but I just couldn't do it. She was looking at me a lot too, but I don't know if it was because she knew I was looking or because she was also interested. But.....I think it was because she was interested, based on the last look I exchanged with her as we were walking past each other.......

ARGH damnit! Why is this so hard!? I think I'm going to be regreting my lack of courage today for the rest of the week. Speaking of the rest of the week, man this weekend went by fast. I still need to clean my new apartment, pack my stuff, etc. I'm flying up to Dallas on Friday to visit my father, and then on Sunday we're driving down with a bunch of his old furniture and stuff to move into my new apartment. He and my mother are also being forced to sell their houses and move because of their divorce settlement (which SUCKS!), so they are both dumping a lot of stuff on me. Holy crap, I just realized that I still have an old PC at my dad's place that I don't want him to get rid of. I'll probably have to take that too. That means I'll have 3 PCs and 2 laptops when I move into my new place! @_@ Ummmm, maybe I should like donate them somewhere or something (after setting them up with Linux of course!). Anyone have an idea of who/where I could donate working PCs to a good cause?


Anonymous Classic_gamer said...

Hmm... A working computer with Linux pre-installed.... I'll take one. ;D

11:37 PM  

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