Saturday, July 16, 2005

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday at work there was a picnic along the lake planned that I had been looking really forward to. I ate, played frisbee, volleyball, and swam (it was my first time swimming in Town Lake, and it was a lot warmer/nicer than I thought it would be). It was the most fun that I've had in a long time. At first it was really cloudly and overcast, then it started pouring rain, and then later it was nice and sunny again. In that manner, it kind of felt like three days combined into one. :)

I was really tired after yesterday though and ended up sleeping like a rock. I wanted to run or swim today, but I got so roughed up yesterday I decided to do neither. I have a couple of large cuts near my left ankle and my right shin is bruised pretty badly. So instead I ended up watching this anime called Stellvia of the Universe, which I only started watching yesterday. I ended up watching 22 episodes of it today! @_@ And not only that, but today was my birthday too. What a weird way to spend a birthday eh? Well, I should go get some sleep now if I want to run in the morning.


Anonymous Phil said...

um...hmm, let's see here...

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Classic_gamer said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! *Gives Tyler and Phil a slice of cake*

12:14 AM  
Anonymous fairy said...

Awww Tyler, I hope this year gets better for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! & remember, a lot of girls think you're HOT ~_^

8:58 PM  

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