Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Something to Write Home About

I've been putting off blogging lately, but I finally got something I just had to share about. :) But first of all I guess I should address some things from my last post. First of all, Rita didn't even touch Austin. It was a perfectly bright, sunny day during the weekend that it struck. It was kind of a relief and at the same time disappointing for me (I was actually looking forward to being in a hurricane. I know, I have issues). I'm still seeing that counselor on a weekly basis. My main problem right now is that I'm burnt out from being overworked hardcore for such an extended period of time, and the reason she/we believe that happens is because I always work so hard to excel in everything I do and once that happens, it's like my superiors/co-workers begin to always expect that level of performance/dedication, which would be fine if that was the only thing I did, but I involve myself in so many projects its like people forget that I have more commitments than just the one they care about.

Anyway, on to today's main event. HUMAN BRAIN DISSECTION PHOTOS!!! I should forewarn you that if you are weak at viewing pictures of semi-fresh human brains, then you should probably not read any further. I think this stuff is really cool though, so if you can stomach it and you're not eating at the moment, I hope you'll take a look and be impressed. :)

My favorite picture is the one where I'm holding the brain. :) The pictures didn't turn out that great because I suck at photography, and I had never used that camera before (I borrowed it from a friend), and I couldn't find the zoom on the damn thing. Plus I was trying to furiously take down notes as we were doing the dissection, so I wasn't focusing too much on getting good pictures. We looked at four different brains, all of which made it into one shot or another. Initially i was worried that I might feel sick or get disgusted, but I was actually completely fine. I got my hands all over those brains and I was feeling and poking and probing every place I could. :D

I'm not going to try and describe everything in those shots right now, because its 5:45AM and I've been up since 3AM studying. @_@ Anyway, it was a great experience and I really learned a lot. Seeing/touching a human brain was one of the items on my "Things to do before I die" list, so I'm pretty happy about it. :)


Anonymous phil said...

Aww man, I was eating when I read this post :(

9:36 PM  
Anonymous fairy said...

it's good to hear that seeing a counselor helps a bit, & i'm glad you're ok! ^_^

10:41 PM  

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